IC Serie

• Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly
• LED cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinets
• Fast locks design, cabinets can be easily assembly
• Dual-maintenance, no need fan, noiseless, low power consumption
• Vertical / Horizontal viewing angle 120 degree; calibration for high quality picture
• Unique protruded design around the LED cabinets, the LED modules can be protected in the process of assembling, transporting and placing special arc, scale and chain design on the LED cabinets sides, any arc-shape achievable
• Build-in gravity sensor advanced gravity sensor design in the LED cabinets, pictures can be auto-rotated along with the LED cabinets
• Ideal for auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, TV stations, monitor system and even your home